Timber Frame Gallery

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Outdoor Leisure Structures

residential timber frames
Heritage Timber Frame Dining Area
Commercial Timber Frames Privateer Harley Davidson
Timber Frame outdoor kitchen, gazebo


Timber Accents & 'Trimbers'
Entrance Ways
Individual Rooms
Hemlock Trimbers in the kitchen
Beautiful crafted hand hewn oak mantle
Timber Frame Entrance way
timber framed individual rooms

Stairs, Flooring & Wall Panels

Tree Staircase: Incorporate a Tree

Timber Frame Glossary

Timber Highlights & Trusses

stairs and flooring for timber frames
Tree staircase
Chiseling a brace - Timber Frame Glossart
Timber Frame hammer beam truss


Sacred Spaces

Joints and Details


Architectural Features

recreational timber frames
timber frames for sacred spaces
Timber frame joints and details
Architectural Features

Roof Trusses

3-D Models

Timber frame roofs and trusses
3-D models of timber frames
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