Timber Frame Entrance ways

...add a beautiful crafted entrance way to enhance your project

Below is an Oak Timber Frame Front Entrance (3D Model & Completed)

3D Timber Frame  Front Entry with existing houseTimber Frame_3D Front Entry with the house photo







Timber Frame Oak Front Entrance with Tappered postsThe whole Oak timber frame entrance way











Cedar Timber Frame Entry,including the 3D Model

Completed Spruce Timber Frame with Cedar Timber Frame EntryCedar Timber Frame Entry Way









3D Model of the Timber Frame Entry way King post with wind struts


Hemlock Timber Frame Entry - 3D Model, Install & Finished

Hemlock Timber Frame Entry3D Model of the Hemlock TImber Frame Entry









Hemlock Timber Frame Entry


Some ideas for your own Timber Frame Entry....

Timber Frame Entrance Ways

Entrance Ways for your Timber Frame

Add a bit of 'flare' to your project with an exceptionally crafted entrance way designed specifically for your project.

Timber Frame Entry Ways

Local Business Timber Frame Entrance Ways

Have an idea for an entrance way, bring your idea to TimberhArt and see it drawn up in 3D. Examples shown below.

3D Models of Timber Frame Entrance Ways


Hemlock Timber Frame Entry

Hemlock Timber Frame Entry Hemlock Timber Frame Entry











Install of Cedar Timber Frame Porch with Curved Braces Cedar Timber Frame Porch Entry with Curved Braces




Pine Timber Frame Entry Way

Pine Timber Frame Entry Way

For more photos of Entrance Ways visit our Entrance Way Facebook section.

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