Chamfer Styles for Timbers

Chamfers.....while softening the edge of the timbers for safety purposes, as well as to meet fire codes, chamfers also provide an oppourtunity to enhance the over aesthetics of a timber frame home. Our clients often customize their chamfer within their own frame to help define areas or spaces within their floor plan.

Chamfers are both decorative and functional; they protect the timbers' edges during shipping.

There are a number of chamfer styles to choose from.......


1/2" Chamfer & 3/4" Chamfer 1/4" Bead & Full Bead Chamfer styles

LEFT:3/4" Chamfer & 1/2" Chamfer





RIGHT:1/4" Bead & Full Bead






BELOW:1/4" Chamfer & 1" Roundover TO THE RIGHT:1/4" Roundover & Large DrawKnifed

Large Drawknife & 1/4" Roundover Chamfer1/4" Chamfer & 1" Roundover













1/2" Roundover & 3/4" Roundover Chamfer Styles3/4" Bead & 1/2" Bead Chamfer Styles


LEFT:3/4" Bead & 1/2" Bead




RIGHT:3/4" Roundover & 1/2" Roundover





BELOW: Small Drawknifed & 1" Bead TO THE RIGHT:Classic Roman Ogee

Classic Roman Ogee Chamfer Styles1" Bead & Small Drawknife Chamfer

















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