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Dead Load: Weight of building. (roof, floors, walls, etc.)

Deflection: Movement of structure under load.

Distributed Load: Load such as from a floor distributed over the length of a beam by joists, or as from a wall distributed over the length of a sill by studs.


Live Load: All load other than the permanent weight of a structure, including people, furnishings, snow, wind, earthquake etc.

Load: Force imposed on a structure.

Point Load: In engineering, load concentrated at a point such as a post landing on an unsupported beam.


Shear: State of stress wherein particles of material tend to slide relative to each other; the force including such stress. Vertical (cross-grain) shear loads also impart horizontal (long-grain) shear stress. 

Span: The horizontal distance covered by a rafter; in a beam, the unsupported distance from support to support.

Tension: The state of stress in which particles of material tend to be pulled apart.

Three-Four-Five: Trigonometric method of squaring as assembly. Points marked at three units on one leg and four units on the adjacent leg necessarily will be five units apart when the included angle is 90 degrees.

Threshing Floor: Brick, stone, or tightly fitted wooden floor, often in the central bay or aisle of a barn, used for threshing grain.


Vernacular: Local, as applied to building style, method and material; vernacular styles are directly influenced by immediately surrounding culture, conditions and climate.


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