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A Stable for Iron Horses built by the Dominion Atlantic Railway 1912

Yellow Pine Timbers were reclaimed from a roundhouse which could repair up to 10 steam locomotives at a time. In the 1970s, the building was rented to serve as a juice warehouse for the apple industry. In 2007 it was dismantled.

Reclaimed timbers is prized for its size, history, beauty, density and stability and supports sustainability and environmental responsibility, meeting green building certification requirements.

What makes yellow pine so extraordinary is its extremely high resin content. The resin is a thick, sticky liquid that, once solidified over time, is known as 'fossil resin' or 'amber'. It is not uncommon for timber to be composed of more than 50% amber. Some beams, about as heavy as granite, challenge the very definition of what is 'wood'.

Yellow pine timbers aged yellow pine timbers yellow pine timbers

Planed or hand hewn Yellow Pine Timbers exhibit a vibrant wood grain pattern or can be aged to a grey.

Heritage yellow pine timbers Heritage yellow pine timbers Heritage Yellow Pine waiting to get sanded and oiled in shop

65-70 Timbers: 7"x10" to 14" x11', 10' to 23' Feet long

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