The port pubThe Port Pub in Port Williams Nova Scotia

Elm & Cedar Timber Frame

Port Williams, Nova Scotia

The Port....

is dedicated to craftsmanship. The timber frame was build in the time honored methods of mortise & tenon joinery such as ships were built.

Timber Frames have often been refered to as inverted ships. The Pub trusses reflect the inside of ship hulls or barrels. The solid elm tables will serve many generations.

The Elm & Cedar...

Elm locally harvested in Starr's Point was chosen for the tables and hallway trusses. Elm with its interlocking grain was traditionally used for seats, wheels, stairs & timber frames.Front entrance

Dutch elm disease devastated elms throughout Europe & North America in the 20th century. Many remember the canopies gracing Main Street.

The Port showcases this beautiful unique wood which is in limited supply. TimberhArt has a program of urban harvesting with some towns.

The Entry & Patio cedar timbers were reclaimed from bridges.

The Elm TablesElm arches in the hallway

Dining room arches

The Port Pub patio

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