Just US! Coffee timber frameJust Us Coffee Elm Front Entrance

Elm Front Entrance

Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

The Story behind the tree....

Elm trees were planted along the roadways in the Annapolis Valley in mid 1800's. Dutch Elm Disease was imported to North America around 1928 and started to depopulate the forests and town of our gracious giants. By harvesting at the early signs of the disease the wood remains sound and usuable as lovely building material. Since 1990 TimberhArt (formerly Acorn Timber Frames) has created timber frames, stairs, flooring, tables, chairs and doors from selectively harvested woods, preserving its beauty in our community.

This Elm Tree...

This 110 year old Elm tree and rafters for Just Us Entrance and museum, timbers were harvested in the Gaspereau Valley. The prominent & unique entrance is a piece of history. Now this Elm can continue to provide joy for many years to come, as it stands proudly in its new home!

The 3D Model

Just Us Coffee 3D Model

Close up of the Entrance

Close up of the front Elm entry for Just Us Coffee

Elm Front Entry for Just Us Coffee




















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