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Beaming With Pride...

The age-old beauty of timber framing has gained new life in recent years. Massive posts and beams are being shaped again by modern day timberwrights. TimberhArt is proud of every frame they custom craft. Our work is our resume. Customers' satisfaction is our primary goal.

Timber framing requires a dedication and a standard of craftsmanship and engineering that is uncompromising. Our company has earned a reputation for excellence. From a small, traditional cottage to a larger, contemporary home, we provide quality service at every level. For those building a home, TimberhArt's design service lets you be as involved as you want to be in the timber framing process. We will work with you to design your floor plan and frame or we work with your designer or architect. Either way, you're assured of a home uniquely suited to your personal needs, dreams and building site.

One of the advantages to building a custom home is being able to create a personally tailored floor plan. If desired, our design team will work with you from frame design to finish to ensure that your project goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Design Flexibility

With timber framing, the entire weight of the house rests on the frame; none of the interior walls are load-bearing. This allows great flexibility in the floor plan. Additionally the solid look of exposed timbers creates a look unequalled by other building techniques.

Concern For Our EnvironmentShavings for the chickens

When we mill our own logs we utilize every part of the tree. After milling, scraps become firewood and wood shavings are composted for gardens or provide livestock bedding. New trees are planted on our lands to replace the ones that have been used. These will be planted in your name.Shavings used on the garden







Choose Your StyleTimber Frame living room

When it comes to style, TimberhArt's timber frame choices are endless. Tudor, Japanese, Victorian, Country, Colonial, Traditional, Contemporary...or your own creation.

Just One Project At a Time

TimberhArt will design, custom build and raise timber frames anywhere in North America and beyond.Heritage timber frame barn install










We have built our company on six principles:

We constantly strive to offer our clients the finest in design, craftmanship and personalized attention. In order to assure these principals are carried through each project, we cut and raise only one timber frame at a time.

Can I Use My Own Design?

You sure can! Our design and enigeering team produce a set of paper plans with complete details for permits.

Lifetime Versatility

Incorporating a timber frame into your building project accomplishes both structural intgerity and design flexibility. Our timber frame technique provides an outstanding framework which can be finished in a variety of different ways. The entire weight of the structure rests on the timber frame itself. This means that none of the interior partitions are weight-bearing which permits an 'open concept', if desired. This design flexibility enables you to create exciting floor plans and allows for easy additions or changes within your lifetime...or possibly in future generations. After all, timber frames were one of the first methods of construction and today's frames will last for hundreds (or more) years! The only change is the noticeable improvement in the natural wood as it beautifies with age.

Happy timber frame owners"Excitement builds from the day you make the final decision on your frame, but nothing can describe the feeling of raising day when you stand inside your own distinctive timber frame."








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Some examples of Full Timber Frame Homes we have built:

Living Off Grid

Timber Frame Boat House Cottage

Little Harbour

Award Winner Yarmouth

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